Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Exciting Day Around Here

The definition of exciting:  I missed both of my sales!  Jellybean had to go to the doctor for some stomach issues and a pulled Achilles.  The timing meant no work for me, so I spent most of the day watching Bones, Season 11.

I love Bones.

Actually, there really was some excitement yesterday - Sexyman found out he passed the last class he needed for his degree!  In a few weeks, he'll have his diploma.  I'm so proud of him!

Anyway, this evening will at least be a fairly normal Tuesday.  Taco Tuesday for dinner, half-marathon training for Sexyman and Bookworm, and more Bones for me, hahahaha!

OH, oh, oh, and?  I'm starting a plank challenge with an online friend.  Gotta do 20 seconds tonight. Maybe I can stick with it since I have a "workout buddy"?  We'll see.  Eating better is going pretty well.  I started a slightly modified whole30 last Tuesday, so this would be Day 8!  I've had two meals that were not allowed, but (unlike previous times), it didn't spill over into the next days or even meal.


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