Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Well, It's Wednesday

I had two sales today, the first of which had 400 cars in it.  Yeesh, I'm so glad there's three of us rotating that one.  I only had 70 cars in the afternoon, and pretty much got to leave after that, yea!  Of course, I had to stop by the doctor's office to get a new doctor's note for Jellybean, because the one she gave us yesterday didn't have an "end date" on it, and that's super important since she's missing P.E.  Never mind that recess consists of sitting on the sidewalk after lunch...can't miss P.E.!

I finished all of Bones season 11...I want season 12 to start right now, please!  I need to know why this dude who used to love Dr. B suddenly wants her dead.  Did she not visit him enough?  WHY?!

Anyway.  Today was grocery shopping day, as it is every Wednesday.  The craziest thing happened.  This random dude with long red hair and a beard similar to Sexyman was coming towards us - topless, by the way.  He was fit enough, and had lots of tattoos.  Before I could see him, I thought I heard somebody say, "Sexymaaaaan!"  (Only, you know, Sexyman's real name.)  Then when they were right beside each other, Random Dude raises both hands for a high five (ten?) and says, "Wassuuup?!"  Sexyman was completely and utterly shocked and swears he didn't recognize this guy AT ALL, and he just kept walking!  If you could have seen Random Dude's face!  He looked so upset, like a hurt puppy dog!  I almost high fived him myself!  Sexyman later told me he almost did, but he just didn't know what to do.  It was all very funny and pretty sad at the same time.

Hmmm....let's see...Bookworm has to give examples of social injustices for school.  The teacher is requiring they be illegal social injustices, even though the definition of social injustice only states they are USUALLY illegal.  She wants to come up with some that not everybody in the class will have, but she has to find websites talking about them, too, and she can't seem to.  I dunno.  Maybe I need to teach the kid to how to google better.

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